Policies and Regulations

Site Rules

  • No smoking of any kind will be permitted on the grounds of the Boutilier's  Point Outdoor Rink

  • No Outside food or drink is allowed on site, excepting water.

  • Please respect the rink, its grounds, and its neighbours, don't litter or trespass.

  • Players may dress in one of the designated dressing rooms.  Many players will be using these, and the tournament organizers, nor the rink operators are responsible for lost or stolen items.

Tournament Policies

  • Team entries will NOT be processed without FULL payment of fees

  • All players must be a minimum of 19 years of age on the starting date of the tournament.

  • All participants will be required to sign waivers of liability and provide photo ID to verify an age of 19 or over at registration, or when requested throughout the tournament.

  • Any one player may only participate on a single team during the tournament.

  • The organizing committee reserves the right to add or delete rules.  All teams will be notified of said rule changes via their team representative.

  • Teams wishing to withdraw from the tournament will receive a 75% refund up until and including 30 days prior to the event, but no refunds will be available after this date unless compassionate grounds apply, as deemed by the organizing committee.

  • The organizing committee reserves the right to prohibit any player or team from participating if they are deemed to cause safety concerns.

  • In the event that the Nomad Cup tournament is cancelled for inclement weather or unsafe ice conditions 7 days prior, or more, we will either refund 50% of the registration fee or allow teams to reserve a spot in the 2021 Nomad Cup tournament, and transfer their registration fee to the 2021 Nomad Cup tournament. If we need to cancel the event within 7 days, your registration will automatically be transferred to the following year securing your spot, however, no refund will be made.

  • All players will be required to wear bottom equipment at minimum, including shin pads and hockey pants.  Shoulder pads and elbow pads are not required but strongly recommended.  Helmets are required on the ice at all times.


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