Host the 2021 Nomad Cup

We're now accepting applications to Host the 2021 Nomad Cup Tournament.

Are you an outdoor rink owner or operator?  Do you have a community rink which can host the event?  Do you want to raise funds for your rink and/or a charity in your community?  Will your community support an outdoor tournament?  These are the questions you need to ask yourself before applying.

The Nomad Cup is not limited to Nova Scotia, where it was born, nor is it limited to North America even.  We are open to going anywhere that outdoor hockey is played, as long as we have a willing host and community of players willing to suit up to play.

The tournament needs to be played outside on a rink with boards and proper nets to allow goaltenders to participate.    There needs to be enough space to setup dressing rooms for players, and it would preferable to have lights for evening play.  We are also open to multiple rink owners in a community coming together to put in a joint bid for the tournament which would help if there are no lights for night games, or to possibly increase the tournament size by having additional ice sheets, or just to come together as a community.

I want to host


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