Where ​is the Boutilier's Point Outdoor Rink?

You mean you aren't just going to drive around and hope you find it?  Well, it's in Boutilier's Point, on the corner of Christies Rd. and Island View Dr.  Have a look at the maps below.  If you enter 76 Christies Rd, Boutiliers Point, Nova Scotia, you'll be able to find it.  It's about a half hour from downtown Halifax, as well as from Peggy's Cove.  If travelling on the 103, take Exit 5A and head south, at the roundabout, take the 2nd exit (left) for St. Margaret's Bay Rd. and follow it about 700m to Island View Dr. where you will make a left turn and follow it until you see a beauty of an outdoor rink.

Well, we're at the mercy of Mother Nature on this one.  We'll endeavour to ensure good ice conditions throughout the tournament and request you to notify an official of any places in need of repair.

What kind of ice conditions can we expect?

Can I make changes to my roster after registration?

Roster changes are accepted until 10pm the night before opening day of the tournament.  After that, substitutions will not be permitted, excepting goaltender injury.

What format is the tournament played in?

Games will be played 4 on 4 plus goalies

Do all my players need to be present at registration?

No, as long as each player has signed a release form prior to opening day, and has ID available for review, then you are good.

Do I need to have 9 players on my roster?

Technically speaking you could roll with 4 skaters and a goalie, but we recommend having 8 skaters and a goalie so you have one complete line change available and in case of injury.

Can I register a team without a complete roster?

Sure, but a team registration is not completed until the fees are paid, so you would have to have those taken care of.  You have until 10pm the night before the tournament opens to fill your roster.

What happens if I need to pull out of the Nomad Cup after registration?

Teams withdrawing from the tournament will receive a full refund up until December 10th.  No refunds will be available after that date.

Is there a warmup before the start of our games?

You will have a few minutes to warmup your goalies before the game starts.  With only one sheet of ice for the tournament, we will be working with a tight schedule, so please be ready to go as soon as the game before yours ends.  We also ask that players assist with a quick shovelling of the ice before the start of their game to keep the snow buildup to a minimum, so that time can also be used to warm up.

What happens if the tournament needs to be cancelled due to weather?

Plan A is to play the following weekend, our backup date.  Plan B is to refund 50% of fees and offer a guaranteed spot in the next year's tournament.

Do we get to keep the Nomad Cup if we win?

The Nomad Cup is a perpetual trophy, meaning it will be used in perpetuity and have the winners names engraved on to it each year.  The winning team also be presented with smaller trophies or medals to keep.

Are there bathroom facilities on site?

There will be porta potties on site

Will I be able to fill my water bottle at the rink?

There won't be access to fill water bottles on site, so please give it a fill before heading to your game.


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