The Inaugural Nomad Cup is shaping up to be one of the best outdoor hockey tournaments you're going to find anywhere this winter.  Hosted at the Boutilier's Point Community Outdoor Rink in Boutilier's Point, Nova Scotia, which is less than a half hour from downtown Halifax, as well as Peggy's Cove, it's played on a single rink with up to 16 teams vying for a single championship trophy.  

Instead of your typical pond hockey tournament which are of course a lot of fun, The Nomad Cup utilizes full sized nets and goaltenders, making it more like playing real hockey outdoors.  We suggest wearing full equipment as shots are going to be firing in bar down territory.  Due to the rink size, we'll be playing 4 on 4 with a maximum of 8 skaters per team, plus a goalie.  What player can deny that shooting on a goalie is infinitely more fun than shooting into a pond hockey net?  Goaltenders have long been ignored in outdoor hockey tournaments, and we want them to get that experience of playing outside as well.


Separating the Nomad Cup from your average tournament is the nomadic nature of the tournament.  The tournament will have the opportunity to change locations from year to year, giving outdoor rink owners and operators from all over the world, the opportunity to host and raise some money to help with rink maintenance and/or or a local charity.

The aim for the 2020 tournament is to be able to give some money back to the Boutliers Point Community rink.  The rink is maintained by a dedicated group of volunteers who have taken a decades old outdoor rink in disrepair and turned it into a vibrant winter community hub.  Nomad Hockey, the tournament organizers and headlining sponsor, have recognized this hard work and dedication and will be very happy to raise money to help make this amazing rink even better.

Outdoor rinks and ponds are at the forefront of so many childhood memories for hockey players the world over.  Loving the game often starts on a backyard or community rink, and can lead to a lifelong relationship with the most amazing sport on Earth.  At the very least, children are able to get much needed exercise in the cold winter months, and at most, a future pro could fall in love with hockey and Follow The Game to the the highest levels around the world.  This is all thanks to the many volunteers who make backyard rinks, who spend countless hours on maintenance, and whose love of the game helps spur on future generations.  





These companies make it possible for this tournament to take place, and for us to be able to do some good in the community, show them some love back

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